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1820 Settlers


Edited by John Wilmot.

This is an amazing collection of the histories of the 1820 Settlers, many written by their descendants, with numerous photographs of the people, paintings and newspaper reportsof that era.

Edited by John Wilmot, on behalf of the Genealogical Society of South Africa, East Cape Branch, to celebrate the 200 years anniversary of the arrival of the first Settlers, the personal as well as historical information of the families, gives a true glimpse into their extraordinary lives. 

Paying tribute to the important part these intrepid men and women played in the building of South Africa as a nation, the first chapter, by Liz Eshmade, explains how the 1820 Settlers were formed and the harsh realities they faced on arrival.  “Not once was it even hinted at that the land was raw, untamed wilderness full of wild animal…”

Looking for information on your own ancestors, discovering why towns and places have been named as they are, enjoying the history of the Eastern Cape, or just intrigued by memoirs of people’s lives, this beautifully presented book is a fascinating source of information.

ISBN 978 1 990968 21 1   Published 2020 by Footprint Press, South Africa