A Vet, Three Mares and a hound called Max

Mar 17, 2022 | Book Reviews, Novel & Fiction

A vet, 3 horses and a hound

A Vet, Three Mares and a hound called Max

A story of an epic journey from war-torn Poland to a farm in Rhodesia by Nicholas Ellenbogen

This is a charming, heart-warming tale told by master storey-teller Nicholas Ellenbogan, a well known actor and director.  Centre to the story is the love of horses and a Borzoi, a rescued Russian wolfhound. Travelling with Captain Szymczak, who, to preserve the blood-line of three special Arab mares, they escape from the Nazi invasion of Poland in the 2nd World War. 

Circumstances, good luck and the kindness of people along the way, see the Captain, his horses and Max in Southern Rhodesia.  There he establishes a home for the horses, ultimately breeding them, and marrying his vivacious Yvonne.  As a vet to the local government, he discovers the warm hospitality, pioneering spirit, history and cultures of his new home, whilst appreciating the nature and wildlife of this special country. 

Nicholas Ellenbogan captures the spirit and characters of the old Rhodesia, drawing on personal experiences and knowledge of Matabeleland.  This is a delightful book, with little illustrations, that will appeal to all ages, with something of interest for everyone. 

ISBN 978 1 77634 556 4 Published by Footprint Press www.footprintpress.co.za