Sep 21, 2020 | Book Reviews, Nature & Conservation | 0 comments

AFRICA’S WILD DOGS a Survival Story

by Jocelin Kagan.

This is a truly beautiful and timely book about the charismatic Wild Dogs.  In recent years more studies of these intriguing animals have been undertaken, thus creating wider and more-in-depth knowledge. This excellent and important book, with outstanding colour photographs and informative – often poetic – text, is a celebration of the lives of these previously misunderstood and maligned animals. 

Jocelin Kagan, who has studied and photographed Africa’s Wild Dogs over a decade, has captured them in rare and intimate moments.  Her great affinity to these endangered animals enabled her to interact closely with them, thus telling a unique story.  Her research has been supported by other experts, some of which write their own chapter in this book. Her time in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Tanzania, following the different packs, genetic history, family bonds, methods of hunting and playing, justly promotes a greater admiration of these extraordinary animals. 

“You can tell by those eloquent ears and body language that their world is alive with sound and scent.”  Passionate about these enigmatic wild dogs, Jocelin Kagan, established the non-profit organisation Africa’s Wild Dog Survival Fund, to which all royalties from this coffee-table book will go.   

ISBN 978 1 913159 19 1 Published by Merlin Unwin Books, UK / Penguin Random House