Jun 18, 2021 | Book Reviews, Nature & Conservation | 0 comments

BELOVED BEASTS Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction

by Michelle Nijhuis

Acclaimed science writer and editor Michelle Nijhuis traces the history of conservation saying it is “full of people who did the wrong things for the right reasons, and the right things for the wrong reasons.”  Her in-depth portrays of the vital roles of scientists and activists such as Carl Linnaeus, Aldo Leopold, Charles Darwin, Rosalie Edge and the Audubon Society through to the work done by Stewart Udall (“is scarcity going to be our only value for wildlife?”) and Rachel Carson  – and more recently Garth Owen-Smith and Margaret Jacobsohn in Namibia, Campfire in Zimbabwe and further work being done around the world, Beloved Beasts is an engrossing journey.

“The time to protect a species is while it is still common.”  We can all learn from history, and this remarkable book highlights through the destruction of some species the urgency to protect all species before we create more havoc on the planet.  With a thoughtful and thought-provoking Conculsion, and lovely woodcut illustrations dating back many years, written in an engaging style – this is a highly recommended book. 

ISBN: 978-1-324-00168-3; Published by WW Norton & Company, USA.