Oct 26, 2022 | Book Reviews, Nature & Conservation


by Roger Stewart & Marion Whitehead

This superb book reveals the return journey from the southern Kalahari via the Karoo and southern coastal belt back to Cape Town, undertaken by the English naturalist William John Burchell  who set off from Cape Town in June 1811 to explore the flora and fauna of the vast southern African interior.  Over a four-year period and travelling in a custom-built ox-wagon, he amassed 63 000 specimens of plants, bulb, insects, reptiles and mammals. Burchell also produced more than 500 paintings and illustrations.  There is fascinating information on Burchell himself.
With Burchell’s letters, handwritten records, maps he drew, beautiful illustrations and colour photographs and descriptive text by the authors, this collection of some of his work will be treasured.

ISBN978 1 77584 815 8 Published by Penguin Random House SA