Chasing Lions

Feb 21, 2022 | Book Reviews, Memoirs

Chasing Lions by Amanda Marks

Chasing Lions

by Amanda Marks

This is a memoir of a young girl, only five foot two and a quarter when she stood up very straight, lacking confidence and very shy, who followed her dream and drove adventure-hungry folk in a sixteen-ton truck through the Middle East and Africa.  Being advised she would need a heavy vehicle driving licence and knowledge of diesel mechanics, the far more academic than practical Amanda took it upon herself to become efficient and worthy of taking adventurers across continents.

Amanda Marks fills the pages of this memoir with tales of excitement, hardships, developing friendships and discovering different cultures.  Travelling to areas that only those seeking the unusual want to visit, managing different characters within the groups, shopping and preparing meals, being a co-driver and a driver, and leader of these tough expeditions, she also discovers herself and the man to share her future with.

“Overlanders’’ as these intrepid expedition leaders call themselves, find it hard to settle after a life of endless challenges and responsibility. Amanda acknowledges some of her colleagues who have gone on to other life-styles, many helping with charities in the field.  She and her husband now advise and arrange trips for other adventurers. CHASING LIONS is a fun read, with excellent descriptions of the terrain and scenery of the countries she traversed through her 55,000 mile journey of exploration and discovery.

ISBN: 978-1-916142220 Published by Antler House Press Suffolk United Kingdom