Feb 21, 2022 | Book Reviews, Nature & Conservation

Contrasts by Chad Cocking


by Chad Cocking

Spectacular! The brilliant cover of this coffee-table book entices you to open it immediately.  And the reader will not be disappointed!  Full of amazing photographs, Chad Cocking, with this his second book, has created another treasure. 

Highlighting the contrasts of Africa, with one page dedicated to a different photo of the same site taken on each month of the year, one appreciates the different moods and contrasts of each season. 

Chad Cocking is a guide at Tanda Tula, in the privately owned Timbavati Private Nature Reserve that borders the vast Kruger National Park.  This book is a selection of the thousands of photographs he has taken over the years.  He describes the changes of each season, what to look for, how the habitat changes and the animal’s behaviour with it. The quality of the reproduction of these photographs is superb.  You feel you can see the soul inside the big cats, smell the rains coming and help the rhino and elephant enjoy their dust baths.  One photograph that really impressed was that of a pangolin.  Amazing!

ISBN9 780620 944755 Published by Chad Cocking