Facing Down Fear

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Facing Down Fear

Facing Down Fear

by John Sharp.

Internationally recognised as one of today’s most respected, ethical and larger-than-life professional hunters and a passionate conservationist, this fascinating memoir is also about John’s love for Africa and his desire and dedication to see it preserved for future generations.  

Facing Down Fear is much more than a book of hunting stories; it is the incredibly interesting story of someone who overcame his personal fears.  Initially shy and overweight, embarrassed by his freckled over-sensitive skin, at a loss with what to do with his life, John ‘re-made’ himself and followed his dream to be a hunter. 

With tales of being bitten by a Puff Adder, avoiding thundering elephants, confiscating poacher’s fishing nets on the Zambezi River, haggling with Maasai Morani, bad roads in Zaire, mopani flies and mosquitoes in Mozambique -and some strange and stubborn clients – there is excitement on every page of this well-written memoir. Not forgetting John’s constant companion, his dog, he includes cameos of friends, mentors, colleagues, guides and camp staff he met along the way, giving credit to those that enriched his life.

Beautiful descriptions of Africa’s wilderness, his successes and disappointments, overcoming his cancer, fear of danger, pain and failure, acknowledging the bravery and optimism of many others, each chapter tells of a life lived to the fullest. We felt that this is a case where the cover may be somewhat misleading, as it is not a ‘gung-ho Rambo’ tale, but has lots of depths, philosophy and reverence for colleagues, friends, family and his Christian beliefs.

ISBN 978-0-620-79439-8 Published by Ex Montibus Media


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