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by Rob Little

Superb!  A definitive field guide on the Gamebirds of Africa is a concise and updated summary of scientific research in layman’s language. It covers all aspects of the 89 known species of Gamebirds, maps showing their distribution, habitats, breeding and interestingly the place, year and surname of the person who was the first to describe the species.  English and the scientific Latin names are given.

The numerous excellent coloured photographs show the appearance and characteristics of the birds, mostly in the habitats that you would find them.  Rob Little with the support of Wild Bird Trust has produced a magnificent guide, sharing his incredible knowledge, and that of other ornithologists, inspiring all birders to discover more about this fascinating species. 

The glossary, of importance to those not familiar with Gamebirds terms, is very clear and useful, and a list of books for further study is included.  A pleasure to read, enjoy and learn this guide is suitable for those just beginning to learn about Gamebirds, as well as those already familiar with this species.

ISBN 978-1-4314-3078-9  Published by Jacana Media, South Africa,  2021


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