GEOLOGICAL HIGHLIGHTS of East Africa’s National Parks

Sep 9, 2022 | Book Reviews, Nature & Conservation

Geological Highlights of East Africa's National Parks

GEOLOGICAL HIGHLIGHTS of East Africa’s National Parks

by Roger N Scoon with Maps

This is a superb, informative and well-presented guide, with maps and full-colour photographs of the major, and some minor, parks of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Virunga Mountains along the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The national parks and reserves of East Africa are widely known for their rich and abundant wildlife. This book presents a new and exciting angle – the geological highlights of the region’s intriguing landscape. With descriptions of each park, its fauna and flora, discussions of the geological origins, influences and current conditions, satellite images, diagrams and clear maps, this outstanding guide explains the dramatic landforms caused by rifting of the landmass.  These range from the seemingly endless, peaceful plains of the Serengeti to the stark towering walls of extinct calderas and the belching vents of the Nyiragongo Volcano.

On safari or discovering the spectacular geology of East Africa, its history of evolution of both primates and hominins, this informative guide is a great asset to any library. 

ISBN 978 1 77584 777 9 Published by Struik Nature/Penguin Random House