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by Nick Norman.

Well known for his superb books Geological Journeys, Geology off the beaten track and Box of Rocks, Nick Norman has now written an entertaining memoir of how he became interested in geology, and the adventures and experiences he has had as a geologist.

Geology is a fascinating subject, especially if it takes you to such remote places in Africa as Nick Norman went to –  Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, DRC, Uganda, Mauritania, Gabon and Tanzania –  and being able to write about his explorations in such an entertaining manner, turns working into an interesting and fun read.

South America was another continent that Nick Norman spent time in, nearly four years exploring in Brazil, with another two years in Chile and eight months in Guyana prospecting for gold. But the pull of Africa, where he was born and bred, was too strong, and he gladly returned to settle. Between farming and writing he continues to consult.

Sharing an extraordinary life, a spiritual awakening, love of family, his dogs, nature, his joy and enthusiasm, and even the rough times, with many amusing anecdotes, Going to Ground is an absorbing read, with colour photos proving some of the bizarre episodes are true!

 ISBN 978 0 620 86642 2 Published by The Franschoek Press