History Of Kafue Park

Sep 28, 2022 | Book Reviews, Historical

History of Kafue Park

History Of Kafue Park

by Gill Staden

Kafue National Park, (KNP) together with the surrounding Game Management Areas, (GMA) forms a vast area of 45,000 sq km, and is collectively known as Kafue Park.  The KNP is one of the largest in the world and relates in size to Wales in the UK.  Whilst this has been set aside for wildlife and tourism, the GMA’s are home to many people who live a traditional life-style under their chiefs as well as tourist venues and hunting operations.

Tracing the history from the early days of the first Bantu arriving in the area driving out the bushmen, followed raiders taking  cattle, slaves and ivory, then the arrival of the British and missionaries bringing Christianity, Gill Staden tells a fascinating story of the cultural and historical development of this wilderness.  She delves in the beliefs and ceremonial traditions of some of the main tribes, the personalities of the early pioneers, hunters and conservationists, the sentiment behind names and statues, adds anecdotes and snippets of lesser known information, as well as some maps and photos, the organisations that support this environment, and even a few favourite recipes from the safari lodges. 

History of Kafue Park is an intriguing and very entertaining book which will be enjoyed by visitors to the country, historians and anyone interested in the intriguing history of Zambia. 
ISBN 9 798 407 9507 14 Available through Amazon or Gill Staden www.awindowonzambia.com