Apr 25, 2023 | Book Reviews, Historical

South Luangwa, North Luangwa and Luambe National Parks By Gill Staden

Following on the comprehensive History of Kafue Park, Gill Staden has written an engrossing record of the South and North Luangwa National Parks, and included the Luambe National Park. Known for the richness of wildlife in these conservation areas, Gill has delved into the history of why they became parks, who lived there before they
became protected areas – and where are those people now?

With true accounts taken from diaries, letters, memoirs and books written over the ages about this partially still unexplored part of Zambia, with many archival illustrations and portraits of notable figures, this is not a dry history book, but an entertaining and fascinating read.

Like all history, there are many questions as to which are the right version. Gill Staden is not emphatic in her opinions, but rather gives the reader the opportunity to discover for themselves a little more behind certain events and make their own
decisions. Also included is information on organizations that work behind the scenes to protect the communities and wildlife of these areas.

ISBN9 79837 4 15649 2 independently Published and available via Amazon.