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KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT A Guide to Identifying South Africa Trees

by A T Ankiewicz

It is not surprising that Trevor Ankiewicz, a retired forester, horticulturalist and nature conservationist took 40 years to compile this remarkable book.  It is so full of information on the fruit of 381 South African trees.  A page per tree, with clear illustrations by the author, show the fruit in colour with the twig and leaves outlined in black.  There are also illustrations of the partially decomposed fruit or exposed seeds. There is the scientific name, common name, where to find the trees and which time of year they fruit. 
There are many people who find identifying trees by leaves, shape and/or bark quite difficult.  This unique book solves the problem.  Even if the tree is not in fruit, there is often fallen fruit, or parts of it, around the base of the tree. This important and extremely user-friendly book has been endorsed by the Botanical Society of South Africa.

ISBN 978-1-4314-3069-7 Published by Jacana