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by Ian Whyte.

Ian Whyte’s original reason for writing this absorbing book was to pass on his life’s experiences for his children and grandchildren.  It is actually more than that – full of anecdotes, thrilling escapades, researched facts and history of Kruger National Park, this engaging memoir inspires as well as entertains. 

Joining Kruger National Park in 1970 as a young man where he stayed for 37 years, retiring in 2007, Ian’s dedication and resulting distinguished career, fulfilled his boyhood dreams.

Through working with, darting and following lion and elephant, and going on to earn a Master’s degree for studies in lion and a Doctorate on elephants, there is little Ian does not know about these icon animals.  He shares his passion and knowledge in such an easy-to-read manner that even the novice wildlife enthusiast can enjoy his journey.

Throughout the book Ian gives credit to the people he worked with, friends and mentors, and whilst also not ignoring the problems, frustrations and hard times of working in the bush, his love of the wilderness and gratitude for the opportunity of living there with his family is tangible.  A thoroughly fascinating memoir and a must-read by anyone who has been, or going, to Kruger National Park.

 ISBN 978-0-620-83366-0 Published by Ian Whyte/Masthule Publishing


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