Apr 25, 2023 | Memoirs, Nature & Conservation


The Adventures of Two Wildlife Trackers by Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo

Alex van den Heever first met Renias Mhlongo almost 30 years ago. “Little did I know at this very early stage of my career, and in terms of life lessons, who Renias really was and the enormous footsteps I was about to follow in.”

Refreshingly different from many books by people dedicated to working and living in nature, Alex emphasises the importance of trusting each other, especially when tracking lions and leopards in the wilds. With self-deprecating humour, he tells of adventures and miss- adventures, of danger and the love of the wilds that he and Renias shared.

Learning from each other, they break down social, cultural, racial and personal boundaries that so often divide people across Africa. Alex writes about how he is mentored and mentors others, discovers cultural traditions, the strength of family and understanding we are all the same with similar aspirations and beliefs.

Tracking is an art that took them looking for pumas and jaguars in South America and grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. On a sabbatical to recharge his own personal philosophy, Alex drove over the Andes in Peru to the Amazon River. It is all in this entertaining and inspiring book which comes highly recommended.

Together Alex and Renias formed the specialist Tracker Academy and conduct motivation presentations. Alex is also a director of the highly respected guide training school Eco-Training.

ISBN 978 1 77010 843 1 Published by Pan Macmillan, available via Amazon, on-line and retail books stores and directly from the authors at