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by Stephen O’Meara.

Botswana is one of the best locations in Africa to view the stars.  Night Skies of Botswana is an easy to read and follow guide especially as all stars described can be seen with the naked eye, thus it is ideal for amateurs, laymen and enthusiasts

This superb guide opens with stargazing tips, introducing important astronomical concepts, describing the galaxy and the Earth’s place in it. There are four sky charts per month presenting views from north, south, east and west, with supporting descriptions of the stars and constellations.

A notable addition to this guide is the local legends about the skies, honouring the indigenous Batswana people’s culture.

The final chapter surveys the solar system, including the Sun, Moon, planets and leftover debris. There’s information on a meteorite strike in Botswana in 2018, and how to identify artificial satellites orbiting the Earth (including the International Space Station).

Stephen O’Meara, who lives in Botswana, is a well known astronomer and was the first to sight Halley’s Comet on its 1985 return.  Asteroid 3637 O’Meara was named in his honour.

There is a mine of interesting information in this guide and as binoculars and telescopes are not necessary, it can be enjoyed at any time.