NISSO The Untold Story

Apr 25, 2023 | Book Reviews, Memoirs

NISSO The Untold Story by Nisso Benatar

This is a harrowing, but brave and true, account of an ill-starred love affair, loyalty and love from family and friends, and the traumatic experiences of being unjustly accused, acquitted, but still incarcerated in Zimbabwe’s notorious prisons. It is also a
book of hope and redemption.

The inside story of whom and why Nisso Benatar was confined reads like grim fiction, but it is a true account of betrayal, conspiracy and corruption inside andoutside prisons where the currency is cigarettes and conditions inhumane.
Zimbabweans will recognise most of the characters as Benatar has named them – the good and the bad. They may well remember the events as some were public knowledge, and can now discover what really happened.

Not an easy read, but compelling. Where does one draw the strength to survive a merciless vendetta from the rich and powerful? How do simple inmates endure the cruelty of those with a little power; where even a sketch book can be wrongly interpretated in order to punish a man further?

Vindicated and set free Nisso Benatar is slowly rebuilding his life – an inspiration to others.

ISBN 978 – 969 – 30 -9247 – 9 Independently Published (10 March 2023) Available
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