PALACES OF STONE – Uncovering ancient southern African Kingdoms

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Palaces of Stone

PALACES OF STONE – Uncovering ancient southern African Kingdoms

by Mike Main and Tom Huffman

A truly superb record of some of southern Africa’s 460 stone palaces, from the majestic Great Zimbabwe Ruins to the smaller unknown hill-top enclosures, this fascinating book explores the myths and cultures of what was once a vibrant civilization.  Mapungubwe, in South Africa;  Sofala, Mozambique; Khami and Daangombe, Zimbabwe; Leopard’s Kopje in Botswana, all tell a tale of trade, customs and the way of life of a class-and-wealth conscious society.  If there had been more understanding of the African beliefs of the past centuries, would history have taken a different route? 

With excellent colour photographs of the sites and artefacts found there, the maps and diagrams of the main sites, reproduced photographs of explorers and history in the making, this is an entertaining and informative book.    

ISBN 978 1 77584 614 7 Published by Struik Travel & Heritage/Penguin Random House