PANGOLINS – Scales of Injustice

Feb 18, 2021 | Book Reviews, Nature & Conservation | 0 comments

PANGOLINS – Scales of Injustice

by Richard Pierce

This is a hard hitting exposé of the illegal trafficking of the highly vulnerable pangolin. Richard Pierce has combined fact with a little fiction to bring home to the reader the desperate situation these enigmatic and shy animals are in.

The most highly trafficked species out of Africa, used by the Chinese for medication and super-luxury eating, Pierce follows the journey of a pangolin from Zimbabwe to South Africa to be sold.  This chapter is based on actual events, but for legal reasons and to protect individuals, some places and people’s names have been changed.  It is a shocking representation of what actually happens.

The book, with some excellent photographs, highlights some of the work being undertaken to protect this critically endangered species.  It also gives interesting facts about pangolins, their biology, history and cultural symbolism as well as their rehabilitations and recovery.  There is a list of websites where people can learn more about these unique – and lovable – mammals and where they can help in their survival. 

ISBN 978-1-77584-712-0 Published by Struik Nature / Penguin Random House  


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