Dec 10, 2021 | Book Reviews, Novel & Fiction

Takudzwa and Jack


BY Barry Stranack

Jack put his arm around Takkie and whispered sadly, “We all take different paths in life, but wherever we go we will take a little of each other with us.”

Born on the same day, born on the same land, they are soul-mates. But circumstances lead them on different roads through a turbulent and dangerous time in their beloved country, Rhodesia.  The author writes honestly and realistically having lived through those times.  His love of the country, knowledge of its people, cultures, wildlife and day-to-day lives during the years of conflict before the transition to become Zimbabwe, are apparent in this powerful novel.  The years of becoming young men, understanding politics and land issues, falling in love, loss of family and friends, trying to comprehend why opportunities for one is not necessarily available to the other.  The use of army slang and chiShona names, for which there is a glossary, strong characterisation and some beautiful descriptions of the country, take the reader on an emotional and thought provoking journey. 

ISBN  978 0 620 96309 1 Available from author and Amazon