The Derelict House : Elephants In My Garden

Jun 9, 2020 | Book Reviews, Memoirs | 0 comments


by Lesley Cripps Thomson.

For many people, Africa is a land that promises opportunity for amazing discovery, safaris and real-life adventure. Author Lesley Cripps Thomson calls this rich continent home and in “The Derelict House : Elephants in My Garden” she talks about her not so ordinary life and work in the African wild. This book is a rare glimpse into a side of Africa not seen or experienced by most people.

With humour and compassion, Lesley describes the difficulties of operating a rather neglected safari lodge in a remote part of Africa, before the days of cell phones and modern technology.  She shares the foibles of the staff, the sometimes very eccentric guests, and her often hair-raising experiences with some of the larger four-legged visitors. It is also an account of how the author forged a bond with the all-male lodge personnel who, traditionally, did not want to be told what to do or how to do it by a woman, and the hardships that these people had to live with.  

Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and always compelling, “The Derelict House,” written in journal form as each day brought further challenges, it paints a portrait of Africa in all her colours and moods, the lives of her people in remote areas and the splendour of the natural world. This book also highlights how the cycle of seasons plays such an important part of maintaining, or destroying, the environment.  

It will appeal to readers of all ages and cultures, armchair travellers and those who have been or are planning to go to Africa.  Available from Amazon in print or e-Book.


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