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by Frans Bijsterveld.

This is a fascinating chronicle of a family that settled in what was Southern Rhodesia, building a life and home in the small mining town of Selukwe (now Shurugwe).  With a history that goes back to the days of trading posts, elephant hunting in the 1800’s and Joăo Albasini who was adopted by the Shangaans as an honorary chief, Frans Bijsterveld introduces the reader to an intriguing world of pioneers and their descendents.

A rare photograph of zebra pulling a Zeederburg coach and another attempting to dig a stage coach out of the mud, along with photographs of the World War, ladies in long dresses and men in dress uniform, are amongst those that record the history of settlers in Africa.

A lovely photograph of the thatched home Grantham Farmhouse on ‘The Farm’ and anecdotes of guests visiting the “long-drop”, the pleasure of finally having running water and pulling cars out of river beds with oxen, bring to life the very essence of those days.   The book ends with outlines of family trees and photographs of the new generations.  ISBN 9 798650 283713  Published by Frans Bijsterveld 2021, available on Amazon


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