Sep 9, 2022 | Book Reviews, Historical

The Infamous Malaboch War

THE INFAMOUS MALABOCH WAR and more gripping stories from the old Transvaal and beyond.

by David Hilton-Barber…

History comes alive with these short tales by historian and well-known author David Hilton-Barber.  It is the small, and sometimes quirky, events that colour the days gone by.  Adding usually not well-known knowledge of the people, the whys-and-wherefores of their actions and the unexpected outcomes, this book is a fascinating collection.  There are stories about Chief Malaboch, Lobengula, Mzilikazi, Kipling and the remarkable Sarah Heckford better known as ‘The Lady Trader’.  There are snippets of information about the men and women who made up the fabric of today’s Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe) – and even something about trout fishing!  Included are lots of black-and-white photographs of the people and places.

Thoroughly entertaining there is something – or someone – of interest for everyone in this absorbing book.
ISBN 978 0 620 71244 6 Published by Footprints Press