THE IVORY TOWERS and Other Short Stories

Jan 24, 2023 | Book Reviews, Novel & Fiction

THE IVORY TOWERS and Other Short Stories by Ashwin Dave.

Due to the success of his debut novel WHEN ELEPHANTS FIGHT, a fast-paced thriller set in Kenya, Ashwin Dave has re-launched his popular collection of short stories. THE IVORY TOWERS and other Short Stories, the first in this eclectic collection of 7 stories, was the motivation for expanding the prevailing concern of poaching and the illicit trade in ivory into the full-length gripping novel WHEN ELEPHANTS FIGHT.

Ashwin Dave writes with authority about the scourge of poaching, the endless attempts to prevent it, the reasons why some people become poachers and others make money dealing in illegal trade. Cleverly using the burning of Kenya’s stockpile of seized ivory in 1989, the author has turned this story into an exciting tale of intrigue, dedication, loyalty and love. With some hard-hitting but realistic descriptions, Ashwin Dave delves into the horrors of the Rwanda & Burundi conflict in THE TALKING NEWSPAPER, with an empathy that with an unexpected twist results in a happier ending. Not just Africa is portrayed in these short, and beautifully written stories mostly about human frailties, there is always a little historic background, an insight into cultural traditions – especially India – and each tale has an unexpected ending.

ISBN‎ 978-1728860039 Independently Published it is Available from Amazon.