Sep 18, 2020 | Book Reviews, Memoirs

THROUGH MY EYES Journey of a Wildlife Veterinarian

by Dr Michael Kock.

“Never forget the people factor if you want conservation success”.
This superbly presented book is not just a memoir of Dr Michael Kock’s expansive career as a wildlife veterinarian, but also a historical chronicle of the progress made in conservation in Africa.

Through Mike Kock’s dedication to conservation, the desire to make a difference, and his empathy with people who lived alongside wild animals, Through my Eyes documents with sensitivity and evocative photographs the important role veterinarians play in preserving wildlife in Africa.  There are 14 chapters in this 600 page coffee-table book , taking the reader around the world as well as through Africa.  Together with maps, colour photographs, the people he meets along the way, unknown wilderness areas, exotic cities and personal anecdotes, we discover the work and dedication of those men and women in many different countries attributing to the preservation of Africa and the challenges globally.

Sharing the excitement, the rough times and his sense of adventure, with 1400 outstanding photographs, this important and engrossing book entertains as well as inspires.   After qualifying in England, followed with a residency in Zoo and Wildlife Management at the University of California, Mike returned to Africa, the place of his birth, where after 39 years of travelling through the continent, he retired in the Cape, South Africa. 

ISBN 978 0 620828 83 3 Published by International Wildlife Veterinary Services, available via