Under African Skies The Story of an African Wild Dog

Oct 27, 2020 | Book Reviews, Children's books | 0 comments

By Rob Waters.

Chase is a large wild dog whose home is the wilderness.  Also known as painted dogs because of their colourful coats, Chase, is especially magnificent with his combination of golden brown hair with black and white patches.

This beautifully written story follows the life of Chase from playing with his siblings to being caught and kept in captivity, being surreptitiously released by the young boy who loved him, and then the torturous challenges of finding his way home to his family.

Among the descriptions of what is happening to Chase, are some of Chase’s own thoughts telling the reader what is happening to him as he goes along.  A wild dog’s life is not easy, they have to hunt for their food and search for water to survive.  They form strong family bonds, playing and hunting together, relying on each other.

Rob Waters, having lived and worked in a remote part of Africa, developed a deep love and appreciation of these intelligent dogs. He portrays the ambience of the wilderness with its variety of habitats whilst at the same time creating an awareness of conserving its wildlife.

This is an entertaining, as well as an informative read, especially for young readers –   in fact adults will love this story too.
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