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Wildlife of Namibia

Book Title – WILDLIFE OF NAMIBIA, A Photographic Guide

by Nikos Petrou and Neil MacLeod.

Distinctive in its vegetation, ranging from coastal desert, salt pans and acacia tree savannas, Namibia has a unique fascination for wildlife enthusiasts.   In contrast to lush environments to other parts of southern African, Namibia’s the wide open spaces entice many explorers

Said to be the world’s oldest desert, 55 – 80 million years old, the Namib supports an interesting diversity of shrubs, over 100 species of lichen and the famous century’s old Welwitschia plant.  The Namib may be home to more endemic species than any other desert. 

This is the country where elephant and lion have adapted to survive in the harsh terrain and climate, hyena hunt seals and where one can see the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. 

Nikos Petrou and Neil MacLeod have produced a comprehensive guide featuring over 540 of the country’s most conspicuous and interesting fauna and flora.  Opening with an introduction and information on the geology, climate, vegetation and what and how conservation is taking place, this guide is of a practical size and easy to carry around whilst in the field.  Each page has five colour photographs with explanations, habitat and where the best viewing is.  There is also a useful glossary.

If you haven’t yet been to Namibia, this guide will definitely encourage you to do so, and if plans are already afoot, make sure this superb guide is packed in your luggage. 

ISBN 978-1-77584-662-8 Published by Struik Nature/Penguin Random House


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