Xafrica Volume 2: Seasons in the Heart

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Xafrica Volume 2: Seasons in the Heart

by Sandy Dacombe Ferrar.

In this second volume of newsy letters – or as more commonly known these days as blogs, Sandy continues her observations of Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa. Now in the year 2000, Sandy reminds us that things change rapidly in Africa, especially in a developing country.  The over-population of people who have deforested large swathes of land in an effort to survive through patch-work farming, often in areas where there is little or too much rainfall, take their toll on any country.  Despite this Sandy and Tony (the Scientific Advisor) find great beauty in the parks and reserves they visit, learning the history and touching on the politics, cultures and daily way of life. 

Writing of the plethora of birds she sees, and noting their name changes, of mosquitoes, tsetse flies and meeting lovely people, Volume 2 of Xafrica is as marvellous and enjoyable as Volume 1 Letters from the Southern Rift.   There is a delightful tale of Changa a Bushbaby and Nsulu the Shrew falling in love, a near-tragic fall into a Pitfall, elephants in the Zambezi Valley, as well as personal thoughts and fears of one year passing, another about to start.  Something everyone can relate too. 
Published by Sandy Dacombe Ferrar ISBN 9 781983 827570

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