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Jan 18, 2024 | News

COP 28 ends – what will the outcome be?


Opening COP28, KING CHARLES III, a lifelong environmentalist, said.
“I pray with all my heart that COP28 will be another critical turning point towards genuine transformational action.”
“We are carrying out a vast, frightening experiment of changing every ecological condition, all at once, at a pace that far outstrips nature’s ability to cope. As we work towards a zero-carbon future, we must work equally towards being nature-positive… “
“With what we are witnessing, our choice now is a starker, and darker one: how dangerous are we actually prepared to make our world?”

In his speech, read on his behalf, POPE FRANCIS says
“May we be attentive to the cry of the Earth, may we hear the plea of the poor, may we be sensitive to the hopes of the young and the dreams of children! We have a grave responsibility: to ensure that they not be denied their future.”


“I see humanity at the mouth of a very, very long dark tunnel. And right at the end of the tunnel is a star. And that’s hope. But it’s no good sitting at the end of the tunnel hoping the star will come.

No, we’ve got to roll up our sleeves, climb over, roll under and work around all the obstacles that lie between us and the star. Like climate change, loss of biodiversity, poverty where people destroy the environment to survive, over consumption. We’ve got to work on all these things to reach the star.

But good news: there’s people working on every single one of them.

It is up to every one of us to engage the RIPPLE EFFECT, help in every way we can and encourage others to do so.
(Editor: Why so many delegates, such huge carbon footprint, the overall cost? Nigeria, a poor country, had 1,411 people attend!)

AFRICA TALKED’S RIPPLE EFFECT introduces different aspects of AFRICA through:

Learning from the expertise of those who trod the path before us. Understanding the cycle of life for all flora and fauna – and for those that live alongside it.
(Image: Alex Van den Heever, Tracking Academy, Conservationist, Author)

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Portrait of a Maasai Warrior by Proud Sibanda Kambarazina
Eye of a Cheetah by Brendian Hyundai

PEOPLE: We acknowledge those who dedicate their lives to preserving the heritage of Africa, its cultures, wildlife and people.

Jealous Mpofu, Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2023, Chief Tracker at Painted Dog Conservation, Zimbabwe.

PLACES: With news from different wildlife areas in and around Africa we also recommend the perfect place to visit through our Selected Destinations
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Democratic Republic of Congo – Conservation non-profit organization FORGOTTEN PARKS FOUNDATION (FPF) has signed an agreement to join the AFRICAN PARKS INCUBATION PROGRAMME.
The Incubator Programme was developed as a partnership model whereby African Parks partners with other organisations through formalised agreements to support them in more efficiently reaching their conservation objectives.

FORGOTTEN PARKS currently manages UPEMBA NATIONAL PARK, located in south-eastern DRC. With Forgotten Parks and Upemba joining the programme, this brings the African Parks Incubation Programme to a total of six protected areas in five different countries with over four million hectares under management. FPF also consults and delivers technical support to partner conservation organisations throughout Africa. For more information, visit

MALAWI. Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has been selected as the winner of 2023 Outstanding International Sanctuary Award by The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) one of the leading global bodies for accrediting ethical sanctuaries. They were chosen from over 200 other accredited GFAS sanctuaries.
(Image of Black Maned Lion, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre)

SOUTH AFRICA. In November 2023, a team of conservationists and geneticists from the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Stellenbosch University and the University of Pretoria found the De Winton’s golden mole, last seen in 1937 after tracking its environmental DNA through the sand dunes. This iridescent blind mole with hearing superpowers evades contact with humans and “swims” through sand dunes, making it very difficult to locate.

RWANDA. The animal population in Gishwati-Mukura, the youngest national park in Rwanda, has grown since restoration efforts of the biosphere began in 2014.

Did YOU KNOW? Blue whales are the largest animals ever known on the earth and can reach up to 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Once hunted out in the waters around the Seychelles, researchers are now discovering they are back again.

As the year draws to a close, we are asking you to join our RIPPLE EFFECTand help care for our planet – whilst enjoying the magic of Africa.
In 2024 WE WILL
be sharing opinions, bringing you news, exciting information on where to go and what to do, new tours and guides, books, art and honoring those who dedicate their lives to conserving our Africa.

PS, Even a trunk needs carrying at times
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