Our Story

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.” – William John Burchill (1781 – 1863 English explorer and naturalist.)

We are Africa.

We promote: Wildlife Conservation and Education
Wildlife interpretation and Guiding
We practise:  Sustainable Tourism through Safaris and Travel
We share:  African Art, Books and Culture
We encourage:   People

AFRICA TALKED brings the world to Africa.

Passionate about Africa Ian and Lesley Thomson, through their international news report promote African artists, review and publicise books by African authors or about Africa, highlight destinations and honour people and associations who are, or have, made a difference to the welfare of Africa’s environment and its people.

Ian and Lesley Thomson have a life-time of living and working in all aspects of wildlife and tourism in Africa, promoting conservation education, leading safaris, managing lodges and reserves, training guides and anti-poaching units, and sharing their expertise and knowledge of the Africa bush.  Published authors they have a unique affinity with Africa.   

A guide can make all the difference to your experience, a guide who can ‘read’ the bush is able to bring it alive, help you see, feel, hear and even taste the wilds. Some guides specialise in birds, reptiles, the cat family, botany, star-gazing, African culture and old battlefields. Choose your guide carefully.

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